Mobdro Live Videos Streaming App vs. Terrarium TV Movies & TV Shows App

Entertainment is the basic engine on which the train of our life runs. We are engaged in numerous activities each day starting from morning till night. So every day, we need some relaxation and recreation to make our mood better.

Our regular TV set gives us some programs and movies but on an insufficient basis. We can’t be available on timings of channels to watch TV programs. For HD shows, we have to pay heavily to cable operators for taking subscription packs.

TV apps provide solutions to each of our problems without any cost. They show us all TV programs and movies in HD form for free at our convenient timings.

Mobdro Live TV App vs. Terrarium TV Movies App

We just need to download them on our android phones or any other devices, and they will install in few minutes. Then we can have unlimited fun with movies and various other TV programs which we didn’t see these many years on normal television.

While having a look at TV apps, there are too many presents in your App Store with several features and other qualities. Each TV app has something unique which lacks in another one.

Mobdro TV app

Mobdro TV APK is another great app for streaming all your online video content for free. It is much more features than a regular TV app.Mobdro TV logoSo now, we discuss its advantages and disadvantages.


  • It has all the video channels on subjects of news, sports, religion, spiritual, movies, TV shows and much more.
  • It has a superb user interface.
  • It is so straightforward to download and use the app.
  • You can avoid ads which disturb your enjoyment.
  • Movies of every kind as per different tastes and moods.
  • It contains many titles in various languages for the convenience of all linguistic groups.
  • It supports Chromecast also.


  • Premium Version of Mobdro APK involves some charges to remove ads and support Chromecast.
  • Sometimes, it has technical issues.
  • The problem of crashing of sites often takes place.
  • The file size is too big to download on any of your devices.

So now, we will choose two most well-known TV apps from Android world i.e. Terrarium TV and Mobdro app.

Terrarium TV app

Terrarium TV ( is a fantastic recent TV app which increases your passion for online streaming of different movies and TV shows.

Terrarium TV logo

Let’s see its advantages and disadvantages:


  • It has the variety of the various videos for you such as news, sports, kids, movies, TV series, religion, spiritual and other subjects.
  • You have the facility to view and download any video for absolutely free.
  • There are many different movies for all tastes.
  • The video links are safe to use.
  • It has current topics and latest videos.
  • You can watch all TV programs for free.


  • The file size of the app is enormous which consumes large memory of your smartphones and other devices.
  • The user interface is ubiquitous and not that attractive.
  • The downloading speed of any movie or TV shows is very slow.
  • There are many ads to disturb your movies or shows.
  • Sometimes, the titles do not match with the search ones.
  • Many a time, it faces technical faults.
  • You cannot download two movies or TV shows simultaneously in two windows.

So, we just compared the two TV apps and looked at their features too. In conclusion, it is good to say that Mobdro app is a little better app than Terrarium TV. With more useful characteristics, Mobdro has defeated Terrarium TV app. But again it ultimately depends on your preference and choice which one you select form both for your smartphones and other devices.